Trunk in Love

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So, you're most likely thinking-"Hey, this looks like a fashion post Silvia! Have you lost your marbles and forgot to distinguish your posts?!"

Well, not exactly because I always lose my marbles hahaha, but this post is special because it supports a special cause that has been brought to my attention.

Also, theres a special something at the end for you guys!!!!! Lets get to it:


I love me some crazy pants. The crazier the better. 90’s MC Hammer pants seem to be so in and so cute. I’ve especially been into printed harem pants nowadays. The bottoms can be found in practically every trending thrift store and I have been on the hunt for them. Yes, people, you can style them with a classy blazer and some layering jewelry, but I will admit it did take a while to find the right pieces hehe. Unfortunately, I don't have any styling pictures yet :(


Recently, I ran across during one of my random searches for another fashion staple. It all began with me falling in love with the many clothes the site had to offer. Harem pants and so much more! Upon further investigation, I discovered all of the things it stands for. The website’s mission statement reads:


“From 2010 to 2012 alone, an estimated 100,000 elephants were killed illegally for ivory. That's essentially 1 elephant loss every 15 mins - a 50% decline in population in the past 35 years. If we don't help them, they may soon be gone forever.”


The corporation donates money through every sale to help end elephant poaching. The money donated goes towards helping educate people about ivory trade, supplying park rangers with proper training and supplies, and paying landowners to not sell their lands to developers. Their generosity doesn't stop there; The company gives back from the time their clothes are produced to when the final products are sold. The corporation factory in Chang Mai, Thailand highly values it's employees by offering them double the standard wage. The employees are also given health care and a great environment to work in.

It feels so good to wear a piece of clothing and know that my purchase helped someone elsewhere. Essentially, I want the website to gain more exposure, so I recommend everyone to go check it out. The clothing pieces are to die for and the story behind the clothing makes it even more worthy to purchase.  Socially conscious fashion needs to be practiced by more people and right now, many people are unaware of the vast options offered by such companies. 

A very special shout out to Kristy Tougas for introducing me to this ah-mazing organization and a double thank you because she has gifted my subscribers with a very special promo code since she is one of their ambassadors!

Purchase one of their items using this unique code:  KristyTougas10 at

Check them out and let me know what you think!

Trust me, fashion is found everywhere even in some super comfy pants. Ask Kristy, she owns 10!