Song: Reflector by Arcade Fire

It’s bittersweet that I am writing the last post before I leave and go back to Virginia. I feel more bitter than sweet, because I decided to write about my best weekend in NYC: PANARAMA.

In high school, I was never a big fan of exploring new music. I had no preference other than a little bit of Max Schneider here and there. However, since then, I’ve really been into finding new music and so when I got the opportunity to snag some festival tickets, I was all for it. I was already in the city for the summer and since I was close to Randall’s Island, I just couldn’t pass the tickets for Panarama.


The festival could not have come at a better time. Prior to it, I was having the worst week ever. It felt like the world was against me cause of problems with my boss, drama with roommates, and trouble back home. I was in need of some music and good vibes to distract me from reality.

Right off the bat, I noticed a very relaxed atmosphere. Everyone seemed very laid back and extremely nice, contrary to the entirety of the city population. Panarama is known for it’s high tech lightings and set up and they did not disappoint. Not only was it well lit, but it was also very interactive too. They had this cool structure called the screen cube where they served ice-cream as we watched the festival while staying cool. The dome also had amazing lighting and more activities to participate in.

Now to the most important part, MUSIC!

Artists I wanted to listen to:

1. Major lazer
2. Dj Khaled
3. SIA
4. Flosstradumus
5. Kendrick Lamar
6. Jai Wolf
7. Aluna George

What I actually listened to and don’t regret because my cousins are hip to amazing music:

1. Major lazer
2. Alabama Shakes
3. Arcade Fire
4. Kendrick Lamar
5. The Nationals
6. Kaytranada
7. SIA
8. LCD Systems
9. Run the Jewels

When I say that each performance was incredible and out of the world, I mean  IT WAS INCREDIBLE AND OUT OF THIS WORLD.

From Alabama’s beautiful soul music to Major Lazer’s dancehall tunes, my ears were constantly entertained. Also, shout out to Golden Voice for the lineup because all the artists stuck with the theme, including Kaytranada and Arcade fire.

If I had to choose- and if Panarama was an Olympic event- Arcade Fire would have won the gold, hands down!


As for the food, it was okay. I enjoyed the lemonade more even though it was overpriced and teeny-tiny. Now that I attended my first festival, I want to go to more. Hopefully, I can attend the global citizens festival if I can get my hands on the tickets.


Words of advice? Enjoy the last bit of summer and wear sunscreen at festivals unless you want to look like a tomato.