Itinerary to DC museums part 1

Song: Round & Round by Derlee

To my fellow D.C. art lovers, this may be a repetition for you, or you might find something new here! To the rest of you, welcome to the wild ride!


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1. National Portrait Gallery

This is the first for the reason that if you can't make any more stops, then don't after this one. I instantly fell in love, within every new exhibition, collection or piece there is something to fall in love with. Don't miss out on the wonders this gallery has to offer!

2. National Gallery of Art

When I first came across this museum, I was minimally impressed because it was known to be the mainstream art museum in the district. Since its renovation in the east building, my interest grew quite immensely. It is now so diverse and displays an array of each artist's’ work, which is why it's ranked at number two.

3. National Museum of Women in the Arts

The moment that I, Silvia Soto, and this wonderful museum met, was a beautiful memory. It was like a boy meets girl situation all over, and you bet it ended with a happily ever after. It is the perfect combination of modern and classical work, with ripples of girl power inspiring each visitor.


4. Hirshhorn Museum

I can’t call this the “official Via Flair art museum itinerary” without noting this specific spot. It’s more of a recent favorite due to the new pieces that were added in the fall. I had gotten the opportunity to see it a few weeks ago and was blown away at its marvel. Most visitors are attracted to the “Woman in E” yet my favorite, “The Visitors” is a surprise I don't want to spoil.


See you in Part 2!