D (drama) C (catastrophe) F (fashion) W (week to remember)

*sorry for all the crappy picture*

Although fashion week season has ended, it is soon to begin as the hues of leaves change to autumn colors. Before new collections go down the runways and a brand spanking new September issue begins to roll fresh out of the printing press, I decided to self-reflect on my DC Fashion Week experience. DC fashion week consists of one grand show per day. Designers are spread across the days based on how much they invest in their shows. This means, the designer that spends the most will be registered for the finale show due to the cost of a lavish venue. Emerging designers don’t go unnoticed either. Designers who have just come out of school are given opportunities to show their designs. Participating in DC fashion week (DCFW) is an initial step for upcoming designers who want to break into the industry. 

I personally never presented any of my own pieces in these shows but I did intern two seasons. From my experience, if you can deal with hectic situations, solve what seems to be catastrophes that need to be resolved urgently and of course, have a passion for fashion, then this internship is for you. 

Now I’m not trying to divert anyone’s intentions of applying as an intern but I want to be an honest informer from my experience.

yes, all i did was drink.....jk this was after i was done with everything.....perhaps....(; 

yes, all i did was drink.....jk this was after i was done with everything.....perhaps....(; 

First, I want to give some background between DCFW and me. I first applied when I was 17. I was already burdened with responsibilities like work, academy, school and more. I was DENIED and devastated. They didn’t think I was good enough and I thought the same. Looking back at it now, I am glad they denied me because there is no way I could’ve handled that many responsibilities in the span of a 24 hour day.

I didn’t lose hope and applied the following year and thankfully got accepted.

First season: 

I loved working with some great people but I developed an expectation that DCFW would be like NYFW or PFW. Unfortunately, that is not exactly the case. The fashion week is small scale but it is great for someone who wants to learn the ins and outs of what happens in a fashion week. I got to work with designers hands on and a different designer every day at that. I got to see a designer’s creative thought process. My one regret out of the whole experience was not networking. After working countless hours I left my whole internship experience without making any connections. The work was meticulous and ridiculous at times. I remember once I got a hell show for not grabbing “specific” type of fries for a director.

Second season: 

Since I knew more about how DCFW worked, I was much more social with other interns and the whole team the second season. It was much more enjoyable but the stress factor was still there. This time around, I got to work closely with directors and understand the minute details and structures of DCFW. Sadly, I did not get to watch much of the show because of all the tasks that I needed to complete but I know that my hard work helped run a smooth, flawless show. I can’t complain much because there was lots of pizza backstage and I really got to interact with the models too. Be warned of some of the models! Some of them are complete putas (translated into English as BITCHES) who need to put in their places sometimes.


Overall both seasons were great and I racked up some great experiences while interning. At this point, I do not plan on interning for DCFW again but who knows. Unexpected this are bound to happen like my official acceptance into NYFW!!! I’ll keep you guys posted on that once it happens.