DC Valentines/ Datenight Guide 2018

Song: L-O-V-E by Nat King Cole

Hello, Washingtonians,  I hope you're feeling the love in the air because I sure am(: and because of this, I am dropping huge valentines dating guide that you can use for tomorrow or any other date night in DC.

Your Welcome <3

Since I know my audience is pretty spread out, I separated it into 3 sections + a friend bonus date night(: your welcome lovelies

p.s. everything is linked


Girlllll I’m on a budget and I just got laid off from work and im just a cheapo - $

young adults are allowed to fall in love, go out and have fun.....although their wallets wouldn't completely agree with this. So here are a few spots to hit to make it a night to remember without breaking that piggy bank.

1. Smithsonian American Art Museum

If you're a close friend of mine you know  that this is MY museum and will always be one of my favorites ( i say "one" of them because I have so much more art museums to explore in the world)

Besides it being a favorite of mine, museums are a great entertainment and inspiration place that you get to go for $0. yeah, that's right NADA!

They actually have a few new valentines inspired pieces that just got released, so you'll keep with the holiday of valentines day.

cost: $0


2. Pizzeria Paradiso

Going back to the basics (aka pizza night) is never a bad idea, maybe let's just change the setting- to give off the romantic feel. This pizzeria offers over-the-top pizzas for lovebirds that are trying to have a great night with a hungry appetite. pizzas prices vary from $13-25?

splurge a little please, valentines day only comes once a year.


3. U don't know Jack w/Jack

why not end the night with a laugh? A great way to make your date state that it was a great time, especially when its free! head out to a great town tavern stand-up comedy show, that can really pivot a date to the right direction if it's been going pretty south.

cost- $0


Im basic af and just want to have a basic af date- $$

If you're just looking for a normal night out, here you goooo. Some people like to keep things consisted and know what to expect, nothing wrong with that- just make sure your night ends with something sexy. here's to people who want to keep it safe this year!


1. Valentines Day Showcase

first impressions are very crucial, especially if it's your first date. So choosing your first activity for the night follows that rule, which is why I recommend going to a DC Improv. Might as well make the girl/guy laugh off her shoes than seeing them find an excuse to call the date short(:

cost: $22


2. Succotash

Good ole southern comfort food can never go wrong on making a Washingtonian happy, and succotash knows exactly how to do that. Now don't go to go to any DC succotash location, make the trip to the one in the national harbor so you can grab a nice meal with the 5:45 pm sunset view. Also, let me recommend the Dry Aged Ribeye, a dish that makes you cry for more



3. Love Lock at the Capital Wheel at the National Wheel

confess your love through lovely words and figuratively through an actual lock! Yeah that’s right a real LOCK

"the Capital Wheel at National Harbor is giving couples, BFF’s and families the chance to lock up their love! Inspired by the popular love lock bridges around the globe an eight-foot-tall replica wheel with heart-shaped gondolas and a temporary wrought iron fence will be displayed for guests to write messages of love on locks and then place them on the iron fence.

cost- $35-50, that include a love lock, a ride on the Capital Wheel, cocktails and chocolate according to specific package purchased.


oh, you boujeee huh?-$$$


1. The Washington Ballet- Romeo and Juliet

 What’s better than watching a classic tale of romance on the day of love? watching it live....in one of the most prestigious spots in DC. Make your lover fall in love with a great cast and storyline, and of course you!

cost: $25-160


2. Blue Duck Tavern

nowwwwww this is a bit of stretch because reservations might be completely full at this point. but it doesn't hurt to swing by and check out if any couple dropped out for the night (some couples have a nasty fight before going out (trust I've seen it happen)). if it does turn out to be full, skip over to Westend Bistro or Nobu.



3.  VDAY Special Freestyle

Since the beginning of the whole night was pretty high up there, why not end the night with something pretty down-to-earth- like going painting! Get creative with that special someone at ArtJamz, do something crazy on a canvas (or later at night haha)

cost- $78


Bish im single af, this is galentines day part 2 for me


1. Live Jazz Wednesday

Start the night with some class and some jazz. top it off with some nice red wine with your BFF, before the night goes on and gets crazy.

cost: $0


2. Compass rose

the best food ever. ill let you understand the restaurant's concept by yourself.

Cost: $$


3. El Centro

end the night dancing away at my favorite bar ever! get snagged away from a guy who knows how to dance and knows great music!


alright, that enough for today!

enjoy your valentines day while I go to Chelsea galleries and eat leftovers by myself (: