NYFW SS 2018


might be the last person to be writing about this past NYFW...

Every time fashion week starts to approaches, I scurry to find somewhat of a partial internship with a designer or PR company, to gain that fashion experience. This year I grew confident that I had somewhat a reputation in the industry, and I should try to get into fashion shows through Via Flair. I wanted alternative content besides the usual, and SCORE! I got into invited to 11 shows, but I only RVSP to 7(: HUGE BLESSING


a small recap of NYFW: Chaotic
Literally, everything is just fast and fabulous. I loved the rush of how other influencers would dress, talk, even how they took their pictures- it was great. The whole week was stressful for 2 reasons

1. Seating: just because our invited to a show doesn't mean you're guaranteed a seat (unless you're like Beyonce (bow down to the queen)). Which means standing lines is where you'll be hanging out a lot if you're a very small blogger like me and even if you're standing in line doesn't mean you'll get into a show. Yes, one show met capacity after waiting for almost 1.5 hours, and they cut me off 

2. Ubers: Now most of the time I was always trying to walk to shows, but walking back after standing in line for hours, no thank you. So ubers were my 2nd BFF, but the surging prices were not. So the hassle to get to places without paying a ridiculous surging prices was another struggle, especially when you have back to back the show. 
Needed a couple of drinks every night to cool me down after each day.

Overall best experience I've had in the industry so far. I got to meet amazing people that I would never think I would personally meet and got invited to events that were so cool I didn't go....because I overslept.....yes I am very lame for this. 


Last part of this segment:  Fashionnnnnn

This year trends were all over but to get the main idea out, before I knock some of you to sleep is:
1. Plain white tanks and white suits jackets are key, don't have one?! GET ONE ASAP
2. Puff sleeves are bigger than ever
3. Polka dots are still in, so make way stripessss
4. Millenial pink is still in but now red and lavender is joining the forces
5. Unfortunately, fanny packs are still in as well-boohoo
6. Double denim is here (not like I wasn't doing it already) 
7. Asymmetrical tops are popping everywhere and anywhere
8. Rainbow is making a comeback, HARD!


Photographs by Jarett Demetre