Yayoi Kasuma

Song: Under Cover of Darkness

Look around, my fellow blog-lovers. If it hasn’t been evident enough, the trendiest spot in D.C. is the one and only Yayoi Kasuma exhibition at the Hirshhorn Museum. In my opinion, this is probably the most exciting activity that has happened this year - with the exception of the new spicy shrimp taco at Taco Bamba! ;)


Since I am a firm believer that spoilers are the second worst thing in this world, I decided to give you all a slight peek of what you should expect to see while you’re trying to snag tickets. This is honestly the worst part because it feels like tickets run out faster than the page loads. I’ve been trying to get my hands on more tickets this week but when I logged on at 12:02 one time and at 11:45 another time and I STILL struggled to access more tickets…. B u m m e r…


So while you’re waiting for a spot to view this ah-mazing exhibition, scroll down and explore!