A creative and limitless model, Addison Pound

Lights. Camera. Pose.

“ Fashion is my passion”


Corny but true.


As you may already know from my last post, senior year was hands down one of the hardest years pursuing my dreams so far. I was juggling school and a 7 look collection, which, looking back at it now, was a horrible mess. Nevertheless, I am still proud of my accomplishment and consider the pieces to be my prized possession


I had a great team of people working towards the same goal, the big high school fashion show! Coordinating the show was what I expected it to be, a FIASCO. The show itself would not have been as amazing as it was without the collaboration and help of the makeup artists, hair stylists, and models.


Enough about me. Now I want to shine some light on a certain person: Addison Pound

She is a girl with the right attitude. Addison modeled for one of my high school award ceremonies and I have been awed by her ever since. She is a girl with the right attitude which I think is crucial in the fashion industry. She’s clearly doing something right since she has been doing some big modeling projects and is breaking into the modeling industry. I wanted to get an inside scoop from her and here is what she shared with me…


1.     Tell us about yourself: Why did you want to be a model?

I never really went out searching to become a “model”. A friend of mine from DC (who models with an agency based out of NY) suggested that I try it out. She set me up with a local photographer who ended up posting pictures of me. The initial post snowballed into more people reaching out and asking to do more photo shoots.


2.     Why are you interested in this career?

I love the creative process of it all; there's endless amounts of opportunities. I also love meeting new people (photographers, MUA, designers, etc.)


3.     You do amazing abstract and creative photo shoots, what´s your tactic to get that grand shot that the photographer aspires to get from you?

Most of the time a photographer will come to me with a very specific and driven vision of what they want to create. Before the shoot, they'll send me a mood board so I know what to expect / what type of character they are looking to draw out of me.


4.     How has modeling changed other aspects of your life?

If I wanted to I could be busy 24/7.  I've had some days where I've had two shoots and a fitting in between them. I guess I could say it constantly has me working. Overall it’s definitely forced me to work a lot harder and take a hold of every opportunity I’m given.


5.     That´s so cool! How would you say that´d now describe your professional interests?


In the beginning, (I had my first shoot spring/summer of 2015) I did almost all collaborations, which are extremely fun. Now I want to stray away from doing those and work towards doing most paid shoots.


6.     What about your style? Consider anything and everything from color to historical eras and more

I strive to be as versatile as possible. I’ve done beauty, high fashion, edgy, “retro”, and so on.i don't like to limit myself to just one label. Plus, it's so much fun to push myself outside my comfort zone.


7.      Also, what clothing you are modeling from?

Depends on the shoot. I’ve done bridal shoots  where a bunch of local businesses (dress designers, floral shops, salons etc.) work together. I have also worked with local clothing shops  such as Shop MISHA in Puyallup. They carry a few different brands such as Winston White. I’ve also  worked with local designers and photographers to showcase the designers work. On top of all of that, from time to time, I receive items in the mail to be a brand ambassador.

Photo Apr 24.jpeg


8.     So, how do you prepare for a modeling shoot?

Usually they request that I show up with a “clean face” & hair. This means no makeup and no product in my hair. Other than that i don't do much to prepare.  I try to stay fit and eat healthy. I am vegan, so  majority of my diet consists of fruits and veggies.


9.     What would you say is the most fun and rewarding about modeling?


Everything about the entire process is fun to me. Although it is extremely stressful because none of my parents or family members know I do this. I have to find ways to get to the shoots and find excuses as to  why I am gone for hours on end. That is probably the stressful part to me. Getting paid to do something I love is  extremely rewarding to me. My rates, depending on the skill level of the photographer, ranges between 50 - 100$ an hour. If i am not getting paid with “cash” then they pay me through product which is also nice.


10.  What would you like to accomplish as a model in your model career?

I don't have any solid goals as of right now. I want to continue pushing myself and take the opportunities that fall in my lap. I want to create the best work that I can.  


Cheers to great accomplishments and Addison Pound,  the model with no limits and outstanding creativity.

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