East Building Opening!

Song: Life Itself by Glass Animals

Where can you find me on a Sunday morning right before my bomb-a** brunch spot?!?!

That’s right Washington DC


The trickier question, where would I prefer to be?

If you said something along “art museums or galleries”, you must certainly be my dog because I tell him everything. Haha yes I talk to my dog


At this point, I can say I’m that person that always looks out for a gallery opening in DC or when new collections are arriving in museums because I literally have nothing else to do. *moment of silence*

I was ecstatic when Renwick opened, I was shocked when a new Picasso collection came to the Phillip collection and almost died when the east building in the national art gallery opened etc

The east building was a little bit more special than the rest just because mostly everyone’s first art museum visit, for a northern Virginians is the national art gallery. So I’ve always been on my toes  when this side of the museum would open because I felt like I kind of grew with it,  as well as curiosity for it. But finally, it's here! And you’ll see an abundant amount of O’keefe, Bellows, and Rothko!!!! I'm so happy!!!!

So this is my first post where I 'll just pictures but with CAPTIONS!! Yippppeeeee!!!!

Also keep a look out for a videoooo?!

Enjoy everything loves and make this day YOUR day

God bless(:

I've seen the light, I'm good for 10 years

Quote of the day, or word of the day?

i believe it was lipstick that was written all over it

i giggled

hahaha you thought i would miss a Van Gogh 


yes he does! can i get an AMEN!

ask emily!!! i screamed inside and out when i saw this!!!!!!

prettiest room ever


nope not the one from Chicago, but very similar



my sole purpose for this museum visit