Have a nice trip. See you in the Fall.

Song: Are you ready? by Two Door Cinema

Some get giddy over the melting of the winter snow in anticipation of the greenery and rain that is to come with spring. Others prefer the rising heat and the reopening of pools as summer approaches. I love it when the leaves start changing and the temperature starts dropping. If I had it my way, the world will only have two seasons, fall and winter.


I wouldn’t stop at that. I would start the year in September. I like to think the falling and changing color of the leaves is a representation of a second chance and new beginnings. Never mind the fact that I love fall fashion.


I can’t have an amazing outfit and nowhere to go. Via Flair has come to the rescue. I have prepared a compilation of places you can visit this fall in the Washington DC area.


Food Festivals:

For some reason, food festivals tend to be clustered around the fall time. With so many festivals going on, it is hard to get to them all. Being a foodie, that does disappoint me.

yummy shrimp ceviche:p

literally the best hard cider i ever had!!!

can you tell whats my favorite seafood?!


I recently attended Taste of DC. It was my second time there and it never disappoints. Thanks to my friend, Heather LaRose, who hooked me up with free tickets to the event this year. It was great to see her perform and eat varieties of foods. Unfortunately, like all food festivals, there is a cost to get in and to purchase the foods. However, the price only ranges between $1 and $8 so it is not too bad and totally worth it.

Fresh off the stage


Side note, I will be attending Emporiyum DC this year. It is my first year attending it and I am stoked about it. Reviews on it will be up after attendance!


Art Galleries and Museums:


New art collections are constantly being added to art galleries in the DC area.


If you check my past post, you’ll see that I already wrote about the National Gallery of Art east building opening. Check out the post and hopefully the gallery too. The Freer and Sackler Galleries recently added some new pieces as well as the Phillip collection. I personally have not had the time to check it out the new exhibitions but I will pay a visit soon. OH! and don't forget the Renwick Gallery! .Hello to new art.



Farms and Orchards


If you want a basic fall picture, you must pay a visit to either or. I recently went apple picking at Hartland Farms, made apple pie with those apples, and even bought apple butter. What a better way be basic.

The memories you’ll create by pursuing such a simple activity is baffling and priceless. Other than the non-glamourous bees and flies, it was a great time. Also, make the most out of the apples you pick and if you do end up making apple pie, make sure to drop some off at mi casa!


The DC Metropolitan area is amazing in that you have the city, farms, and suburbs in relative proximity. Take advantage of it if you live in the area or are just visiting. There is a diverse set of activities and something for everyone.