The summer go-to

Song: Kill Em with kindness by Selena Gomez 

Ahhh do you smell that, it’s the sweet, tart smell of fashion month.


September you couldn’t have arrived any faster, but finally here you are!  With your new styles and trends as well as your stress and headaches. Since this month is basically hell for anyone in the fashion industry from design to editorial, I am dedicating my whole blog to fashion posts. So this month you’ll see the last bits of summer fashion, because lets get real were still not ready to let go of our favorite pair of shorts, so summer posts all month long! And later this week and half there will be a new post every three days because of  NYFW!


In that note^ I will be heading back up to NYC for NYFW!! EEKK! But only to intern, unfortunately I will not be attending a billion fashion shows (someday). I will try my very best to capture everything I see in the streets as well in the runway when I’m there. So you might really want to follow my social media @viaflair on facebook, snapchat, twitter and Instagram to see it all. Also this week was hectic because all the preparations for NYFW, but were almost there! We can do it!


Now to the look:

Preparation is always key when you always try to look your best wherever you go. That’s why its always important to have that one outfit that is always ready to go if your running late and easy to work with, to dress it up or down.


That’s where this perfect shift dress comes in handy. I got it at Zara on SALE! (someone was praying for me to find it) Its black and white, so your very flexible on adding colors to this outfit, especially with the small flaps on the shoulders to bring a cute touch. The shortness of the dress is a little too much for me, but then again it was like 90 degrees outside.


Since my legs were most definitely going to be shown in this dress why not increase my height to make them look longer, and that’s what I exactly did. I wore small camel-color suede wedges, which I adore and I got from Wet Seal. Very small, comfortable and does the job exceptionally well.


My black bag is back! Still don’t know where I bought it but I love it more than ever. Its tiny enough to be called a small purse, but big enough to pack two lunch. Although I wished the metal pieces were silver instead of gold, it gets the job done.


When everything goes wrong always go for silver (right after black). I topped off everything with my favorite small earring that I found in H&M, its so minimal yet still gives a statement away. I wear them at least once a week, they absolutely go with anything.


Everyone enjoy your week, as I go over to camp out on Wednesday night to get free tacos for a year at taco bamba! Come along!