The route to Greenwich

Next Stop: Greenwich

The other week, I got in contact with one of my favorite photographer, Naomi Marika. She is from the DC metro area. On this day, we strolled through my neighborhood in Brooklyn and traveled up to Manhattan. She took amazing shots on our little adventure.

Before summer goes into a deep slumber and fall is in full session, I wanted to squeeze in this last summer look. My entire attire is stylish yet very comfortable. That is my main criteria because I never know where a working day in NYC will take me.

This setting took place in one of my favorite Manhattan locations, Greenwich Village, locally known as the village. If you want to get your drinks on and shimmy in your LBD, this is the place for your because it is popping with the hottest bars and great food. What is more, Washington Square park is located in the heart of this neighborhood. It is the perfect sit down area to eat, play and just catch up with old friends.

On to the outfit…


Ugh! I know. You feel moisture where there shouldn’t be and all of me is sticky. I am definitely  a dress girl when it comes to hot summer days like these. For this day, I went with a navy green Marc Jacobs dress. It has a beautiful black chiffon finish at the hem. The two, dainty, bronze buttons on the shoulders add a unique factor into the dress.

As for jewelry, I dared to not match and went for a pair of silver, floral ball earrings. I got these bad boys from Forever21.

I still wanted to incorporate a little bit of silver with my shoes. I thrifted this particular pair. These are basic flats that have been fancied up with straps in the middle to just give it a little something extra.

For a pop of color, I went with a deep, wine red purse from Free People. The tassels add even more personality to the entire outfit.

Hope you loved the look and keep enjoying what is left of your summer lovelies!!


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