The Georgetown Act

Song: Long Night by Dim Sum, Guster

First off, I wanted to say that I am very S-O-R-R-Y about my absence! I know that I’ve been overdue for over a month, and I truly do feel bad! This month was a hefty one, due to deadlines for college applications, an overload of school work, personal housekeeping, etc. Basically, this means that (hopefully) by next week, I should find out which school I’ll be attending! Don’t fret, I’m officially on board to bring the best of the best to Via Flair!

And what’s a better way than restarting this recoup with a fashion post? My favorite!

As many of you may know, I’m from the Washington, D.C./Metropolitan area. From all of the neighborhoods that D.C. has to offer, Georgetown is one of my favorites for food and shopping. For the ones that may not know of Georgetown, it is one of D.C.’s oldest treasures, with its antique architectural touch, old-fashioned cafes, and its upbeat vibes. This isn’t my usual go-to spot for larger-scale activities because big events aren’t usually held here, mainly due to its compact space and availability. It’s a perfect place to get away from the inner city with the mini-harbor that overlooks the Potomac River. If you aren’t convinced to visit there just yet, then take a peek at these A-list Instagram-worthy pictures. That should have topped it off. :)

Upper East Coast residents, I think we can surely agree that winter is around the corner, or has already begun (sorry NYC, enjoying the snow you just received?). Fortunately, for citizens of the DMV, we only encountered harsh winds and decreasing temperatures. Yet, we deal with it year after year.

Since comfort is key in this outfit, as well as stylishness, I tried to clash both of these factors within this look.

I’ve had this lengthy lace pencil skirt for a while, but never really got around to styling it due to its soft, delicate lace and white shade. I used this opportunity to use it as a basis for this outfit. What I love most about this skirt, is the length of the lace that ends before the knees, as compared to its slip underneath, that ends mid-thigh. This serves as a chance to show some skin, while still observing the weather. As the temperature continues to drop, feel free to add tights underneath your skirt for warmth.

I layered this skirt with an oversized knitted sweater. I chose a dark navy blue piece to contrast the neutral tone on the bottom. The three-quarter sleeve length worked well when rolling up the sleeves. Don’t forget that comfort is crucial with any outfit, so usually at least one piece should keep the comfort level.

Gold was an aspect that I wanted to incorporate in this outfit, so I started by the addition of gold in my shoes. These black leather booties, with rounded gold studs has a triple buckle on the sides, give a punk excitement type of vibe.

To compliment the gold in the shoes and white in my top, I pulled out a white box purse with gold accents. This size is ideal for snacks and dogs… Just kidding! Wait, I actually did try to put a puppy in here once for giggles.

IMG_4253 (extra) .jpg

To complete this outfit, I layered two gold necklaces. The varying shades, with one being darker, matched well with my punk-ish boots due to the spiky effect. The other one was a simple gold chain with five small stones to add the last finishing pop of the outfit.

Have an amazing week! Don’t forget to eat as much as you can this week, without missing out on dessert! Happy Turkey Week! :)