Take on the Puffer Jacket

Song: Secrets by The Weekend


Photography: Naomi Folta

Happy new years everybody!


Last night when the clock was striking 12, I didn't realize it until 12:02 am when I was finishing up writing this blog post, editing the new Youtube video and posting a new insta picture.


Slowly throughout 2016 I kind of stopped going out as much (aka I stayed home last night) as I did in the beginning of the year.

Reason #1: Saving money is huge because I have to divide my expenses for my personal life and for Via Flair.

Reason #2: I was always a mix of an introvert and extrovert, but my extrovert side would always overpower my introvert side. Now the tables have turned.


So this year as one of my 2017 resolutions (wow that's weird to say), I decided that I would make more content that would tackle down more of those complicated clothing pieces. So why not start it off as my first blog post of the year?!


So once again we are at the time where Virginia decides to have very bipolar weather. But always prepare for the worst. Which is why puffer jackets are amazing in this area. I got my purple-y jacket for Christmas two years ago from Calvin Kleins. The length is mid-thigh and ultra lightweight, which is superb for taking it off when the climate alternates.


Underneath this puffiness of comfort, I wore a loose fitted, pleated top to give some elegance to my whole look. These casual tops are exquisite for the winter and summer.


Leggings were a must because comfort is key (duh) and they are the only clothing piece that can fit with my tall Hunter boots. Basically, anytime I want to wear my loved boots, I have to skin tight bottoms :(


To wrap everything off, I once again wore my mother’s vintage black purse and I paired this beauty with some snaggy safety pin inspired earrings.

Kissings and blessings for the new year