Stripe Down


Song:Me, Myself & I by G-eazy, Viceroy and Bebe Rexha 

As much as I love winter, I am a little sad to see summer go.

But for the sake of finishing this season strong,  I wanted squeeze in one last look.

With time in NYC and spending the duration of my stay in Brooklyn, I began to appreciate it. As I get closer to my departure to Virginia, I appreciate it even more. The neighborhood itself comes with its own sets of pros and cons. While in NYC, I lived in Sunset Park. Anyone who is familiar with the neighborhood knows that it is mostly a Hispanic community. Although there were constant cat calls and the nights were dangerous, the tacos there trumped all cons. Plus, there are beautiful wall arts and any street can turn into the perfect photoshoot spot.

Dresses are a must for the summer time, especially the flowy and full ones. This Motel Rocks dress fit like a glove and was the perfect fit. The neckline was most definitely unique compared to the other dresses. The deep neckline balances with conservative fabric on the sleeves meanwhile the four buttons and the blue and white stripes gave the dress a nautical effect.

As for shoes I once again went with a thrifted grey pair of flats. It not only looks chic but is also great for walking. My fellow New Yorkers understand the struggle.

I believe accesories make or break an outfit so I was really careful when I picked the neck piece for this outfit. I went with a gold, metal choker which compliment the buttons in the dress.

I finished this look with one of my mother’s vintage purse. The top of the purse has a snake skin texture which contrasts the smooth leather below and also gives it a unique touch. Lastly, the bag also has gold accents which pulls the neck piece and dress together just right.

Goodbye Brooklyn :(  Hello Virginia :)  

Photography: Naomi Marika Photography