Spring in the Fall Mix

Song: Kissing Faded by Bokeh, Timid Soul

We can all agree by now that I have really enforced that the winter season is basically here...but it doesn't mean our everyday looks have to. Adding some color and diverse prints sure do give your outfit an extra pop, that will definitely make you stand out.

A big “pop” that occurred last week was that my transfer colleges that I applied for responded back!! Yes, the admission committees finally decided to stop being cruel and finally reply to my application. Annnnnnndddd……… I GOT INTO BOTH SCHOOLS I APPLIED TO, 2/2!!! I’m so happy and confused as well very anxious, everything is happening so quickly! Especially since both schools are in the city (NYC & LA) and I have to find a place to live, student loan and evaluation form -which will be dreadful. I haven’t decided which school to attend yet, but an update will come in soon.


As for today's post, as the title is posted, it will portray of a more spring feel. You can always add a big coat over everything, switch it up for complete closed toed shoes or just make the clothing pieces more comfortable. It's all up to you, own the look!

When planning, I tried to create a more casual attire, especially since this week was one big poop emoji. But what a better way to brighten it up with the right pair of bottoms. I got these nasty (women (trump where you at)) green harem pants from Urban Outfitter, the perfect shop to sprinkle some groove on. My love for these pants are endless, they feel like your favorite pajama pants but still give off a cool chic look. It's perfect for fall and summer due to its thin fabric.

Since I was going for an effortless look, a slightly oversized breathable sweater was the way to go for my top. It's tightly knit enough to not entirely see your bra but also the perfect opportunity to display your new silk lace bralette that you just bought this black Friday ;) I got this sweater from my local thrift shop, the perfect place for great sweater finds.

On to my favorite piece! My new brown leather open toe mules! My love for these new shoes are literally an infinity sign because I believe these are one of the few pieces that my mother owns and still wears, as well as I – it's an endless style of shoe that is kept in the back closet in the fashion industry. There are so practical and easy to approach due to its essential appearance. You can wear it for school or for a fun night with friends- it goes with everything. I got these from Chinese laundry, from the site Zoo Shoo, they might hurt slightly in the beginning but breaking it in will help out.


Moving along to accessories, I tried to really bring out the spring season by adding this cute floral headband. I don’t really recall where I purchased it, but it couldn't have been more that $10


For baggage, I put on a darker brown tone shoulder bag compared to the brown in my mules. Just to add some darker colors so that my dark green pants wasn’t the only piece that was going emo. The perk of this bag is all the pockets it comes with, as well as the multiple compartments it has inside.

See you in next week! Btw this is birthday month aka December 29 aka best month EVER aka imma eat a lot