Knot knock look book part 2

Song: Down by Marian Hill

For Look #2

Mexican Summers

The heat-beating-down-on-you days call for everything to be short. This applies to anything from sleeve length, to shorter shorts, to open-toed footwear. In areas where the intensity of the heat is too great, there’s not much of an option when it comes to summer attire (with respect to personal preference, religious beliefs, etc.). Exposing too much of one’s skin can lead to sun damage to your skin and overall health. When this is the case, picking out the right pieces of your outfit is very crucial, yet very possible.

Pretty much everything about this outfit is thrifted, but this broke college girl just got to keep doing her thing.

If you ever catch me in a baggy shirt, it’s most likely because I intentionally bought it to be that way. Blazing, hot summers are not welcomed in Silvia’s world, mainly because they cause headaches and stickiness. Oversized shirts are perfect for this weather because they’re loose enough to let cool air come through, while still covering me from the harsh rays of the sun. Yet, also for tying a big knot in the front.


To also protect my legs, I kept the long length going with the skirt. This black chiffon skirt is decently seen through, so once again, cool air can filter to feel the breeze between my knees. The small pleats in the front create small details to this outfit.


My classic, black sandals were my main go-to this whole summer, so of course they were my go-to as well for this look. They’re extremely comfortable, especially with the height, even though, they’re platform sandals!


To keep the western summer vibe, I layered a Aztec necklace that is broken into pieces, but combined with chains… Very abstract. I tried to keep the same inspiration flow on my wrist. This multi-shaped bracelet opens up for more possibilities to work with different metals.


As for the main accessory, I can never go wrong with my classic brown box Fendi purse. <3


one last look to gooooooo