Knot knock look book part 1

Song: Antonio America (Emil Hero Remix) by Diskopunk, Emil Hero

As much as we may dread this reality, we all know everything comes to an end.


This summer has truly been a pleasure in a countless number of ways. The kickoff of my summer was announcing my blog, and this journey only increases to amaze me.

I have to be honest - there were prices to pay (literally) for living it up in NYC. Following my return, I was able to spend a week to relax and catch up with friends as we exchanged stories about our adventures over delicious food and places we visited. Before I start hitting the books in my final semester at Northern Virginia Community College, I wanted to close out this summer vacation with my first look book!


This collection of posts, each consisting of an outfit with its description, will be spread apart by a few days. You’ll find that I place my focus on consistency with my favorite and most personable summer trend - knotting outfits. Although I’ll mainly show this technique with tops, keep in mind that dresses and even some skirts can still highlight this trend.

I can’t thank you enough for letting me be a part of your summer!

For Look #1

Fleshes of White 


This look screams hot and stylish *hair flip emoji haha.*


If I had to guess how many times I’ve rocked this outfit, the number would undoubtedly be over twenty (can you tell it’s my favorite?). What makes this look stick out is how simple, yet diverse, it is. Since we’re mainly working with hues of white and grey, all you would need is to stack on your accessories.


My top is technically made for sleeping, but I transformed a “rolled out of bed” look to a chic vibe. I love the bagginess of the top. Mainly because even though you can see my bralette through the arm holes, it’s a fabulous opportunity to show off that cute lace black bralette that has been waiting to play peek-a-boo! With a top like this, a front or a side knot would work perfectly as well, due to the minimalistic objective we’re trying to achieve.



On the bottom, I paired white shorts that used to be baggy but are now more fitted. Usually, you wouldn’t find me purchasing white bottoms (a cashier from Walmart told me that you’re a douche if you buy them). Yet, I couldn’t miss the opportunity to pair them with this outfit,


I pulled out my snake skin flats from H&M to add a bit of flair to the neutral clothing tones. With how fast the fashion world revolves, there’s nothing like finding basics for the low that work for any season. These shoes probably rank at fourth place on my summer favorites list.


Since the flats somewhat matched my beloved KC Jagger purse, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to pair them together. This light purple bucket bag is accented with two tassels that spunked up the whole look.

as for jewelry i went for golden pieces to contrast the whole look! and viola, look one is complete

See you at part 2 and enjoy your NYFW madness