KMDosage: A dose of Fabulous

I am beyond excited to release my first ever collaboration with a very special clothing company, KMDosage, It has been all the buzz in the DMV area. The online clothing company is run by two beautiful twins, Karen and Michelle Lee. I could talk about how sweet these girls are and how amazing their clothing line is for hours.

Instead of ranting about them and KMdosage myself, I decided to go ahead and personally interview them.

Here we go: 

1. What is the story behind KMDosage. 

K: KMDOSAGE really begins with my love for fashion. I really loved to portray myself through my style and the type of clothes I wore. My mother was a stylist for a Korean boutique and she has always involved herself in the fashion industry. She was an actress in Korea, so she always looked A1 whenever she went out. I really admired that about my mom and wanted to follow in her footsteps. One evening, about a year ago, when we were having dinner with my mother and her boss, they asked us how we felt about reaching out to a younger audience to help with their business. We didn’t have to think twice. Michelle and I knew we would want our own clothing line!

M:  I am absolutely in love with sweat pants, giant hoodies, slippers and all clothes labeled as “bummy.” However, I did love to bring out my stylish side with my friends and I loved to dress them before a night out or do their makeup. I was always that one friend who took hours to find the right outfit but when I did, it was just the best and unique outfit that fit right to my taste.


2. Is your personal style portrayed in your clothing line? 

K: My personal style is DEFINITELY reflected on our clothing line. Everything on the website is something I would wear on a daily basis. I mainly target clothes that I can see beautiful outfits being made out of them. I guess I would like our potential customers to know that.

M: My personal style does reflect off of what my sister and I sell on our clothing line but it is most strongly compatible with the party dresses and bralettes. I have always had a strong interest in non-padded bras and eventually fell in love with how comfortable and sexy it was.

3. What do you want KMDosage to represent as a company? 

K: As a company, I want KMDosage to represent me and Michelle. Our company isn’t just about affordable, cute, and chic clothes. It’s really about relationships. I want every single one of our customers to know that we seriously care about them. It’s not JUST business to us, it’s also about building character and relationships.

M: I want KMDosage to represent NOVA and upcoming trends in fashion that are AFFORDABLE for women around my age. As a company, we naturally create revenue and profits, but I do it more so that girls can enjoy wearing beautiful clothes that they really want and have the excitement of having bought within their price range.


4. Who is your target market?

K: I really want to say that the clothes I sell are for people who want to stand out! As we all know, the world is changing and people are experimenting with  fashion and make up at an earlier age. The ages of the people who buy our clothes range from around 13-28 years old. I think that’s a perfect age range to discover personal style too.

M:  Since our social media and website are brand new, we have only been able to target girls in middle school, high school, and some college students around the area. In time, I hope to further reach out to our potential market in the west coast. We are currently contacting ambassadors our west for our company.  


5. How do you girls work as partners, especially since you are sisters and moreover, twins?

K: Oh jeez…well let’s just say the pro’s definitely overcome the cons. Working with my TWIN sister is for the lack of a better word, interesting. We’ve have always been together and we share about 95% of our things and knowledge. We used to argue a lot when we didn’t clarify our jobs in this business. However, after clearly stating each person’s job and role in the company, it has been a smooth sail. I know that down the road we’ll definitely argue about things, but we’ve worked things out for 18 years and I’m a 100% sure we’ll be able to tackle any indifferences. 

M: I was waiting for this question to pop up! Working with my TWIN sister is the reason why I believe that this company can and will strive. We both have ambition that drives us towards success and the different styles that we like to put out into our website are so different yet connecting. With pros come a few cons. The only issues we have are work effort put in by each sister and job titles but it is nothing that we cannot overcome.


6. What is the process of the release and publication of a collection on your website?

K: Well, we haven’t released a collection yet. Just mainly separate items and sales. We are currently working on a bikini line and we honestly thought it would’ve been ready in a couple of months but it has been a lot harder than we imagined. We do plan on releasing bikinis late June or early July.

M: Collections take a lot of time, as all the designs and clothing do not come out at once. However, it begins with attacking a certain style with a certain season and putting together ideas for the clothes such as material, texture, style, length, and more.


7. Where do you guys see yourselves in 10 years? 20 years? 

K: Honestly, if the line doesn’t do well and I can’t financially uphold a business anymore it’ll probably go down. BUT THAT’S OKAY. This is such an incredible opportunity and business lesson that is crucial in my life. Don’t get me wrong, in 10-20 years I want to own more than 5 different stores all over the US, and I’ll work my butt off to hopefully accomplish that dream.

M: I see myself with a Masters Degree in Business and being the CEO of multiple companies! I plan on growing the KMDosage and hope that it will strive and be a significant business in the fashion industry. However, if it does not work out, I will be still very happy and content with the lessons and skills I have learned from starting and running a company.


8. Is there any upcoming, exciting projects with KMDosage? 

K: Definitely be ready for our upcoming, new bralettes and intimates collection! I LOVE a sexy pair of underwear or bra…I mean what girl doesn’t love to look like a sexy movie star when they’re half naked? We want to design and sell intimates that are extremely unique and different. 

M: BE READY FOR THE BIKINI COLLECTION! This collection is something that I was put in charge of and it has been a lot of work, but I am very excited to see the outcome. It’s the summertime and as swimsuits get more and more unique, I have tried my best to choose designs that scream sexy and fun with a touch of innocence.


9. Last words for your audience/ potential market? 

K: Overall, I hope everyone is excited to see what KMDosage becomes in a couple of years! We are extremely open to working with different people about anything really! All of our models are free-lance and half of them reached out to us VIA email and half of them we scouted. We always love to work with new people, whether you are a marketer, photographer, model, or business entrepreneur. Please reach out to us with any questions or remarks, Michelle and I take it very seriously and go over every single criticism. 

M:  KMDosage’s main goal as of right now is not to make monopoly money but to really impact the fashion industry and make a difference in women’s clothing. The company targets to make women feel sexy and beautiful in the clothes while being able to afford it. I really hope you guys will continue to support and love us as we tackle this journey to success!


There you have it, an inside scoop from two growing fashionistas! Also don't forget to follow 

The Lee twins were generous enough to let me play around with their clothing pieces and style something so here is another OOTD.

This outfit perks up any cloudy day. I have on KMDosage’s Julia bodysuit in green with Norton McNaughton dress pants. The two pieces balance each other seamlessly. The corset, ribbed front makes me feel all kinds of sexy.

While the lightweight, straight leg pants makes me feel both chic and comfortable. I added a chunky, black and white sweater in case it got colder throughout the day.


For shoes, I went with a pair of black Oxfords. Lastly, I accessorized with a black shoulder bag also from Target and a caramel newsboy hat to wrap up the look. 

I wish the Lee twins the best of luck on their future endeavors.  Also make sure to follow them on Instagram: @Kmdosage or their personal accounts: @kurenlee and @m_leee3 
And please go check out their website at