How to work 5 colors in your outfit

I always aim to keep things fresh and exciting in my everyday life.


Whether it’s a simple change of trying a new smoothie flavor versus my regular order or buying a hot pink car just because (actually, don’t do that… Unless you’re a bad @** to which I say, hats off to you).


There are two *major keys* to pulling this off:

Choose between wearing four of the colors that follow the same color scheme (monochromatic vibes), then picking one color to stand out in contrast.

Pairing two colors that compliment each other, then another two colors that pair well together, then throwing in that pop of color again.


Wintertime will always call for darker shades, so I picked the color black to be my foundation. Starting with the black pork pie hat that my eyes fell in love with at first sight. Whenever I put it on, I feel like a flash from the past. I wore black shoes as well to accent the hat and to cross it off of my color palette.


I decided to go with these light green gaucho pants, which may not be the best for the cooler temperature due to them being lightweight. Fortunately for me, Virginia’s weather has taught me to deal with the wind. For my top, I went with a cream turtleneck that I tucked into my pants because I’ll be layering them later. Although, I do adore the pairing of these two pieces by themselves.


The last layering number is a long, navy blue vest from H&M. I love how it can be played around with to be dressed up or down. It can be an extra layer, a styling piece or even transformed into a dress!


For accessories, I went with a few darker metal articles to deepen the look. The geometric cuff styled over the sleeve of my sweater accents the same dark and glossy silver on my necklace, which is a series of layered chains ranging from lighter to darker shades.


And for the “pop” of the look *drumroll please* I added my favorite bright orange tote bag.


Don’t forget to always play around with your everyday outfits. The details can make all the difference!