Christmas Ready Look + BIG ANNOUNCEMENT


Yay! a Christmas inspired outfit! oh, what fun!

I hope everyone is still alive after the massacre of FINALS. I considered dropping out multiple times throughout the semester but when finals came around, I was literalyyyyyy about to drop all my classes.... but thank god its over!  I am so happy to say that I am officially done with community college forever! yay!!!


Last announcement!

I so humbly happy to say that I have officially been accepted to Baruch College and I will be moving to NYC this January!  I AM SO EXCITED AND NERVOUS OVERALL!!

I still have to confirm housing with the school since it's not guaranteed, testings and orientation etc.- literally so much to do before my first day but overall super excited. Thank you to everyone who helped me with application, advice and just keeping me calm during this college stress. This has literally been the worst year of my life, and ending it in this beautiful news makes me so so so happy. Thank you to everyone, I truly mean it(:


Anywayyyyyssss back to fashion....

Want to look somewhat Christmas-y this year for da fam?! here's the key closet item you need: wear something red, that's it.

The iconic Christmas colors have always been green and red, but green seems too tacky to me and red just stands out nicely overall. You can literally just wear a red coat over your outfit, that's exactly what I did with my look.

 I got my red suit coat from Talbot, amazing store to get classic pieces from. Underneath, I wore a white cross-crop top from Forever 21, kinda revealing though. Usually, I would hold this outfit if I was going out clubbing or something, but it balances out with the suit jacket. To really get into the Christmas spirit, I pulled out my gold silk pants I got from Ralph Laurens. Perfect for large Christmas dinners due to its elastic waistband, yes more space to eat more food! 


As for accessories, I went for some green velvet sock booties that I got from Zoo Shoo. And to keep the same color scheme I matched the green from my shoe to my scarf, to add some snazz to my outfit. 
TIP: make any scarf into different accessories, I made mine into a headband and a ribbon to my purse. To spread the gold tone, I wore some gold quarter-coin earrings from Anarchy style and some sunnies with gold accents. 
Last but not least (dang this description is long) I wore my red Coach purse to match my red coat. 


Once again thank you for everyone's kind words and help