A Little Peach Goes to the Beach

Song: Down by R3LL, Banvox

I’m going to be honest;  I HATE THE BEACH!!


I sound like a hypocrite because one of my most recent Instagram post was of me at the beach (Instagram: @viaflair).

But In the span of the 19 years I’ve been alive, I have only been to the beach a total of three times. I’ve had a terrible experience every time. Except this time around because I was with an awesome friend. Other than that, everything else was sucky and here is why...

-It’s hot. TOO HOT!

-Sand everywhere and it gets everywhere

-There are too many people.

-Too many kids who probably pee in the water.

-Greasy food along the boardwalk. Why don’t they promote a beach body with salad and smoothie places?

-There are too many people (yes i know I'm repeating it twice)

I can go on and on about the things I hate about the beach but I don’t want to sound more pessimistic than I already do.

On a brighter note, watching the fourth of July fireworks from the beach was absolutely magical. I was at Brighton beach in Brooklyn and Coney Island for the fourth. I’m ranting about beaches but I swear I have a point.

Although I don’t like the beach, I like dressing up for it. That is the only thing I look forward to. Here is an outfit I put together for those laid back beach days with your special someone. It’s perfect for a nice, breezy day.


My top is a lightweight sweater with lots of holes for proper ventilation. You can put it over your bathing suit or a cute bandeau and it is perfect to throw on when it gets chillier in the evening.

I went ahead and paired that with a long skirt with not one but two slits. Since I’m keeping it more moderate with the sweater, I wanted to show off some legs. Side note, I felt like like Rachel Mcadams when the wind blew and my hair and skirt started to flutter.

Since I’m only playing with two solid colors with my skirt and sweater, I went with a colorful, bold tribal necklace. It’s very easy to bring color into the outfit and very sway.

For shoes, I went for some simple, leather crisscross slip-ons. This may not be a great choice for the daytime but perfect for a walk down the boardwalk in the evening.

Of course, I had to pack my life with me when I was at the beach, so a big bag was a must. However, I wanted to keep it stylish so I ditched the wicker basket bag and went for this alternative instead. It still serves the same purpose.

Stay cool and stay loving the weather beach lovers.


Xoxo,  ViaFlair