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Summer was a bitch....excuse my french(:
This summer seriously sucked my soul and strength to do anything fun for the summer, due to summer classes. Thankfully due to all the long hours at the library I passed my classes and got into the business school! Thank god!
Now I am ready to celebrate with some bubbly, food (i was really bad at eating through the summer) and of course to finally write another blog post! So here it is!


This summer the times that I would dress up, which were very very few, I stayed in the comfortable but chic lane. New York calls for a lot of walking so, yes, comfortable shoes are a must unless if you have a large bag with spare shoes. So for this outfit, I wore my new white comfy Adidas that are basically the pop of color in this outfit ensemble. As for clothes, I wore some of my mothers old vintage pieces, a printed short sleeve button down and a different more abstract printed long skirt. Girls and boys, don't feel afraid of wearing two different prints in one outfit, just make sure you have an accessory to wrap it up. 
Like in my case, I wore I red Coach purse since there were hints of red in the skirt, gold & brown jewelry to compliment the skirt and some round gold & brown sunnies finish it off. TA-DA! Perfect to catch some brunch or stroll around the city. Enjoy your last bits of summer you have left!