Touch of Color

Well, here it is again...Via Flair is back 

lets get straight to it(:

So i have been living in NYC for almost a 5 months now...and i love it. I will write a whole new post on how my life has been doing but for this post well stick to the outfit. 


2 weeks ago i went back home to visit my family and to go to my sister graduation, which i was so happy to attend and see her walk. Before the celebration i came a 2 days earlier to catch some shots for a much needed photoshoot, which the help of my lovely friends it was possible. 


since days are getting really warmer than i expected, i decided this was my last hurrah to add some more warmer pieces that i wont be seeing in my outfits for awhile. Starting with my beautiful tulle black skirt that i got from Platos Closet Fairfax, this piece was defintely a eye-cathcning one. it may be long and look cozy, but since it tools its actually a great summer piece that makes you look more put-together than other maxi skirts. 


my top is your regular top that can basically be worn with anything, since it screams "summer and i want to show some skin" haha. this cute little thing was bought in zara and im pretty sure its still in the market. As for my sock booties those are from a few years ago, i got these babies from Zoo Shoo. i would never wear these shoes sue to their high discomfort but slowly theyre actually getting pretty comfortable...


so far my look has been pretty dark so i added this colorful floral scarf, and popped it onmy head as a headband. Loveee ii paired it with my red Coach purse and some big crystal studs to wrap everything up.


Let me know if you love this look like i do!