Make it Monochrome

So yeah I suck at blogging this semester and honestly probably will until I graduate college.

Anyways life update: October was a pretty rough month and I cried a lot in the library! who else can relate? !?!?!

But with a seriousness school sucks but everyone who is out there and also is crying every 10 minutes about school- YOU WILL MAKE IT! HOLD ON EVERYTHING WILL WORK OUT! (motivation to end this week strong for me and you)

anyways part 2.

I realized this week that I never finished posting NYFW outfits from February here, so i dug into my past and brought these key outfits that got me compliments throughout this hectic week! so here we are

This one was one of my favorites during NYFW because I feel like I really pulled off the monochromatic look but in green, most gals do it in red but green was my spinoff. I went to a dan flavin exhibit museum upstate in Beacon, and let me tell you; upstate was a whole weird different experience than living in the city. This sculpture museum really worked beautifully with this killer street style outfit, i loved everything! I wore my classic baggy light green top which I french tucked into these darker green wool Ralph Lauren pants. I added a very dark blue belt to make it edgy and moved the buckle to the side to make it more street style. I paired it with a KC Jagger purse since my light green top was the same shade as the purse- it worked well. As for shoes and coats, I went with a tan/ camel color tone, both of these are my favorite closet pieces, although its really time to retire my tan wedges- like REALLLYYY need to find some new shoes like this. so if you know any lmk!


Since I wore this outfit during fashion week, I tried to pull off a cool wet look. I placed a tight bun on top of my head and let my long wet bangs dangle around- it didn't look bad like it was done on purpose haha.

Fashion week was great that time of year, unfortunately, this past fall i didn't make any shows since school was starting out:/. but look out for February this year, it's going to be one for the books!