Funk up that print

Song: Don’t let me down

Photography: Belinda

Poll to business students: how are you balancing school, social life, healthy lifestyle, work, and keeping sane??? Because please teach me your ways!!

Besides me freaking out on how I’m going to keep myself in one piece by the end of the week, I still have time to explore the city and run down some cute outfits. So here's a nice outfit for a cool date, roaming a food festival or just an inspiration to get you to wear something out of the norms. Because currently, my outfits are just gym clothes (i work in a studio) and business formal (i go to a business school that always has events that only this dress code:/), so its nice for a change.

Snapseed 7.jpg

Prints are always the best way to go when you're trying to shake your outfit up a bit, so this cell-bacteria-mitosis (idk what im saying) looking like the top was the perfect top to start this outfit off! To jazz it out and keep it ladylike, I wore this kind-of sweetheart dress over my printed top. OH! btw this top has a nice long sash connected to the top to make different bow variations.

I kept things casual by wearing my favorite white Adidas, that actually got a bit of dirty after this shoot:( . White sneakers always keeps an outfit low-key but fashionable. BECAUSE MAKE IT FASHION, am I right? or am i right:D


For accessories, I went for a stack of bracelets, with different metals to have some fun and spunk up the look. Although small purses are slowly getting out of season I decided to make one more debut in this look until their officially out.

Have a great semester lovelies and good luck on midterms (they are creeping in)