Chinatown Character

*Two weeks too late* … Well hello there!

I hope you all had a chance to check out my new YouTube video! It’s helpful if you have quite a bit of fancier dress stashed in the back of your closet that could use a casual twist!

Fancy to Casual Lookbook


Just when I had started to hope that the spring weather would start to stabilize, this past week ended up being a (literal) whirl of flipped flopped weather. So, as a way to grasp my local roots,  I created this outfit from using Chinatown in D.C. as my inspiration..

I started with this black pleated mini skirt from Zara, which made me feel like an anime chick who wears short versions of everything. Even though I’m not the biggest fan of mini skirts, I figured I’d just “take a whack at it.” Since I was planning on including a statement pop of color, I kep my top black as well to keep the foundation neutral. This top would usually belong as a part of a “going out” fit, but it showed enough skin throughout my torso, yet was balanced with sleeves for when it started to get windier. I layered this was a dark turquoise jacket I’ve had for some time. This piece complimented the look as the hem of the jacket stops where the hem of the skirt stops. For accessories, I picked a Calvin Klein white and brown ombre scarf and my trusted light-brown Fendi box purse. The neutral tones that can be found in the skirt matched my long-time-no-see nude oxfords. No, I will never get rid of them, even if I never really wear them. :-)

Alright then… Make sure to take this week head on without procrastinating TOO much, even though I probably will because that’s what college entails.