Glamified Office State of Mind

I’ve found myself wondering if one day, I’ll be a member of the cubicle lifestyle. By this, I’m asking if I’ll still be able to apply a sense of style into an everyday office uniform?

The answer is YES! If I’m following the standards of professionalism in the work force, why shouldn’t I be able to express myself?

This outfit is slightly stretched out with the styling of boots, which usually wouldn’t be ideally accepted (hehe)... I haven’t worn them in a hot minute, so I decided to take them out for a walk, which worked out well with this outfit. They could be traded for a pair of low heels, and you’ll get get bonus points for silver or gold accents to add some pizazz.


Aside from the shoes, I feel that I really nailed this look. It combines a formal look with unique accents. Continuing from the bottom up, these are a casual pair of black summer pants turned into office duty with a shorter-than-usual hem. I bought these from the Front Row Shop for about $30, which is great for the versatility the pants offer - making them a definite office staple! Continuing up, this sky blue collared top has fancy-shmanzy sleeves that can enormously be rolled up. Yet, I didn’t let the sleeves have their moment because of the mini jacket I layered it with, but I’ll get back to that in a moment.

This $15 H&M top has a lower v-neck, but that isn’t as noticeable because all eyes are on the details of this black jacket. The coils and swirls that are found in the fabric are very baroque, which makes it such a statement layer. When I was at Beacon’s Closet, I was debating on purchasing it, when a stranger passed me saying, “If you don’t purchase that sweet piece, I’m sure you’ll regret it later.” It ended up being a steal at a price tag of $25. For a pop of color, I added this chic white box purse with gold detailing. I still love this look, even though the gold slightly contrasted with the silver detailing in my grey strappy boots, which were on sale at Zoo Shoo for I believe $32.

Thanks for all the support guys anf happy easter!