The "Winter" Transition

Since the transition of seasons has been as fast as a blink of an eye, which is rather uncomfortable due to not really knowing what to wear. Due to all of this confusion, I felt that some outfit inspiration would be the ideal cup of tea for this week’s post.


Thankfully, that won’t be me next week because this chica is heading to Panama City Beach, Florida!! Woohoo! I most definitely need this vacation because I’ll be swamped with new responsibilities (including taking on a new math course for my degree - ew).

Here’s to being young and reckless!

(Not really)

(Okay maybe… *smirk emoji*)


I didn’t want to take any chances with this dubious weather, so I figured that light, but snug pants were the way to go. In order to maintain the classic feel of D.C., I wore my pinstripe pants for a classier look. Pinstripes are more rare in stores, but make for a great statement piece. I picked up this pair from Forever 21 about two years ago. Since the pants are pretty skinny, I felt that it was calling for balance, which is where this large, flowy top comes in. My mint green shirt that I scooped from a thrift store came to the rescue. I topped off my top (haha I crack myself up) with a layered statement necklace to be the spotlight of my outfit. Then, I matched one of the brown colors from my necklace with a basic bag, also a thrift store goodie. On my feet, I chose a pair of nude flats that have a black color block on the back.

Have a wonderful spring break! I’ll still be stuck in the library until Friday :-)