A rich color story

Song: Slide by Calvin Harris, Migos, Frank Ocean

Photography: Naomi Marika


As the D.C. air starts to cool, I’ve discovered that going out now means pairing more loose clothing. Less is more and I love effortlessly constructed outfits. As many of you may know, I’m a sucker for texture and details. This is why I adore my top from Julep and my bottoms from Lauren Ralph Lauren. Both pieces are loose but still compliment each other with the dramatic color difference, as well as the one-shoulder action and crochet detailing in the hems. These golden silk pants create such a strong statement yet are subtle enough to pair well with my sock booties from Zoo Shoo. The only accessory I chose is this mini shoulder bag in a deep red shade from Free People. Even though another color added, it does well to wrap the look together.



Spring is here friends! This is the time to experiment with different textures, colors, scents, etc. so I highly recommend for you all to step outside of your comfort zones this season! Also check out my new video here!