NYFW Recap

Song: Empire State of the Mind by JAY Z

The tradition of NYFW is always my source of excitement when September rolls in. It has been my closest resource to be in the know about upcoming trends, such as colors and patterns to look out for. Thankfully, I was able to be a part of the magic of New York Fashion Week 2016 through working it! Although working isn’t as exciting as watching the shows, the experience was priceless. Everything from the people I met, to the clothes I got to see, was a phenomenal first adventure. So, besides me babbling on about everything in a paragraph and then everyone moving on with their lives, I decided to convey NYFW through my eyes and my visuals.

September 8th, 2016

11:30 am
Departed Taco Bamba after camping out for 12 hours to win a year of free tacos. Yeah, I don’t care because I love tacos and would’ve stayed there longer if I had to… BUT, guess who was #22 in line and the winners had to be within the first 100 people.


Somehow I managed to finish packing all of my outfits… and chips… and guac for my trip :)


Take a peek at the times… Yup, that’s right. I had only twenty minutes until my bus was scheduled to leave and I was still at Metro Center. Will I make it?! The odds somehow ended up being in my favor.


I made it #blessup

Megabus decided to leave later than the scheduled time, which is a first. We outchea DC!!

Hey NYC! Guess who’s back, back again?

Columbia University is super rad, except in the party department. :/


September 9th, 2016

En route to Brooklyn to help my boss, Janelle, pack for tomorrow’s show. This means dealing with over ten humongous VIP bags, suitcases for days, and three boxes of custom-ordered cookies.

Guess who made it back to the city after three hours worth of traffic. DC, I’m reconsidering how awful your traffic chaos is. Check out the pretty aesthetics of our hotel! The vintage theme is such a great vibe, especially since this is where the show is being held.

RIP: Here lies the receipt for our casual 5pm lunch break, since I didn’t take pictures of the food itself.


Off to the NYFW venue!


Korean food anyone?     They surprisingly closed it really early, compared to Korean BBQ restaurants in VA!!!

September 10th, 2016- SHOW DAY!!!!

Starbucks oatmeal and iced macchiatos were a must - especially when I found out that the #1 train wasn’t heading downtown.

The madness begins. This means Silvia running around the hotel like an angry character in a video game because things always like to go wrong all at the same time!! YAY!


Quick peek of some of the chairs and the venue of the location.

Janelle had interviews back-to-back before the show’s beginning at 4! OH, and Maxine, Janelle’s dog, was going to walk the runway!


Designer Michelle Ann’s runway rehearsal.

Why not take pictures of your stress face when you find out that all of the VIP bags were placed incorrectly and you have to recheck every single one of them?? Also, did I mention that the tissue paper WASN’T ruffled to perfection?!

Making the FIT student volunteers actually help with the workload was awesome because we handed them a crap load of extra VIP bags. They weren’t even doing anything…. JK they were great *hehe*

There’s nothing like last minute hair & make-up to add additional pre-showtime stress. You could find me running up and down in heels with an hour and a half before we had to start. I did learn that singing songs of Frozen helped some cases of crying little girls.

Just a couple more terrible occurrences took place backstage and on the floor. Totally casual.

Throwing some fierce looks is like making money rain *bow down*



It’s almost show time!!!!



Michelle Ann takes the runway first!



Janelle Funari KILLED it. So many bold looks to choose from, that I can’t decide which is my favorite!



Since my pictures suck, go check her website for the full collection:





Red carpet madness, pretty sure they missed that I wasn't there it's ok I forgive the photographers



All of our models looked fabulous!



Clean up AKA madness part 2



Off to the water taxi to finish off the Janelle Funari experience.



Ice cream for you, and you, and can’t forget about you over there.


September 11th, 2016


Pizza for breakfast and lunch. Judge me.



Goodbye, New York! See you next time.