Queen of the Jungle

Song: Aloha by Møme, Merryn Jeann

Finally! Here is a refreshing fashion post for these hot summer days.


Before I dive in, here are three things I have been sweating about…


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Now on to the look…


I am not fond of summer, especially summer in Northern Virginia. The weather is bipolar with hot and humid weather some days and stormy weather on others.

Reference: Spring 2012 – where we had all four seasons in a week L


Although these picture were taken months ago, which means my style literally has changed a lot, a lot,  i think this is still a go to outfit if your trying to keep it low key.


I’ve put together a complete outfit to outsmart this weather. I went ahead with pants for those days where you just don’t have time to shave your legs. Let’s be honest, I’m usually lazy to let go of the crazy mane on my legs. This outfit is great for those over 80-degree weather.


Remember to flash your flair. Even with your Sasquatch hair. Shhh… no one needs to know.


            Loose T’s are a must for the summer time. They are casual and keep cool. I knotted the T-shirt in the front to add a grungy, tropical look and show a moderate bit of skin in the bodice.


To keep cooler, the pants can be substituted with shorts. The subtle blue stripes in the pants allow the incorporation of other colors and I did just that. I added some comfortable, black platforms to add to the grungy look.


As for accessories, I went with round, black shades to bring the chic back into the outfit. The spikes in the necklace bring out the grunge vibe and the tribal in my brown bag brings the unexpected factor into the outfit. I topped it all with a hat. It not only protects me from the sun, but makes me feel like a park ranger.


Whether you are spending the day in the concrete jungle like I am or if you’re actually adventuring in nature, this outfit is sure to turn heads and keep you semi-cool.


Till next time! xxx

Photographer: Gabby Sanchez