Winter in Black

Song: Together- SMLE Remix by CID, SMLE

First, let do some housekeeping news:

  1. I still haven't decided what school I will be attending due to changes in life
  2. I think I officially memorized all the Christmas songs out there, go me!
  3. I'm dying in finals, literally, death is near

This week will consist of two finals and wrapping up the majority of my Christmas list. Oh and working like this whole week aka ill be living in my uniform yeeesssssss. Since its going to be a rough one, why not display my dark mood in my clothes, right?


So starting off with my Pantalones. nothing too fancy but I did get these on sale.  I think at Macy's... I'm not sure..... I think this is a huge staple to have in your closet because it's easy to pair with a dressy top or a minimal top. You can also tuck in your top since the pants are slightly high waisted or leave half of the shirt out -to go for a more offhand appearance.


I'm literally one of the few people who feel the cold first when winter hits, so sweaters are always taken out ealry for me Especially if they're cute in its own personal way. I got this one from forever 21 a year ago and it does the job exceptionally.


On to my favorite piece like always: shoes.

Here another purchase that I made from Zoo Shoo. It's these stunning gray small heeled boots. These are super strappy, so if you're thinking of wearing these beauties in the winter you surely will need to put on some thick socks on. These booties are a favorite because there one of those few exceptional shoes that can be dressed down or up.


For my jewelry trinket, I wore a minimal choker that I got from this small vintage shop, back in New York. Super simple but definitely can take the spotlight if you create the moment.


To add additional color to my outfit I chose this light purple KC Jagger purse. I absolutely adore bucket purses! It will forever be my go-to baggage.



God bless and have a spectacular week.