The Christmas Suit

Song: Santa tell me By Ariana Grande

6 days until Christmas?!

What whattttttt


Life update:


1.Yeah so I didn't accomplish my week's goal

I still have to do a ton of Christmas shopping

One side of me is like: “Silvia finish this crap ASAP!!!”

Another side: “ Nah brah I'm freakin scared to put my foot inside of that mall, I'm going to head over there and finish these chocolates”


So thank the lord for online shopping


2. Technically I have chosen what school, but nothing is set in stone yet. So I don't want to announce it until everything finalized. But stay tuned (:


Now to the look


I have never been a huge fan of the whole Christmas dress attire, which was an immense must if you come from a Hispanic family. Each year when December swept by, my mother would drag us to Sears to look at the new holiday dress selection that was recently released. And of course, I would enter the store pouting and fight my way out because dresses were a big no-no for me.


As my style started to evolve, Christmas was still always the struggle because I wanted to respect my parent's tradition but still express myself through my clothes. Slowly I realized they cared about the whole holiday color scheme, besides what clothing piece I was wearing. So I took this knowledge into my own hands, which led me to the creation of this look.


So that your parents don't make you go back to your room and change your outfit because it's not Christmassy enough make sure the color red or green is all up their faces.

I wore a red Talbot oversize suit jacket to stabilize the shift dress underneath. It has gold detailing on the buttons to guide you for accessorizing this look. I love the length of it and just the overall look when you put it on, it's a combination of chic and sophistication.


Since I wanted to play around colors, I settled for  3 of them in my dress. Make sure that if you're using more than 3 colors in your outfit, that at least 2 of them really go hand-by-hand and repeat itself at least once. The black, white and beige give a nice foundation to the whole outfit, especially when you're kicking in a big red jacket. This dress was snagged from Beacon's closet, my beautiful NYC holy grail.


To bring out one of the colors from my dress, I slipped on a pair of suede beige wedges, that are the definition of comfortable. These are one of my favorite shoes, too bad I don't know where I got them (sad face). I also wore black ankle socks, that peeped out on top of my cute lil wedges.


I also brought out the black in my dress with my small Michael Kors clutch. And to compliment the gold in that jacket (yes, I came back to that ) the logo and detailing in this clutch, worked great with it. It might look small by the pictures but it actually carried a lot, like that steak taco I talked about a few posts ago haha(;


To finish this whole look up I wore these snazzy tinted green sunglasses. Since VA weather has been more bipolar than my professor deciding my final grade, it can get sunny out here randomly when it's 35 degrees.

Merry Christmas to you all and ill meet you guys here next week!