Lashes for every occasion

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Great lashes are a major key and I think DJ Khaled would agree. Such a major key, that I go to great lengths to get them looking great, pun intended. When I am short on time, you can see me putting on mascara at the oddest times. Sometimes it’s in my car, other times, it’s while I’m cooking. I am even guilty of applying mascara while sewing and yes, that’s totally possible.  


The real question, however, is what kind of mascara do I use for different occasions? Don’t worry I asked myself that same question from sophomore year of  high school to sophomore year of college! After researching, traveling to the highest mountains, and meditating at the pits of earth, I found three mascaras which fit the most common occasions. Whether you want to stay casual, rock everyday lashes or even flutter those lashes for a special events, I’ve got the digest for you.

had a mini photoshoot at 1 in the morning

Very casual

L’oreal Paris: Voluminous Carbon black - $7.25

The first time I purchased this, I thought, “ Ugh, drugstore makeup?! This is going to suck!” Boy was I wrong.  My eyelashes were just bold enough to bring some focus into my eyes while looking ever so natural. I used to steal the Sephora mascara wands to get the similar effects but this mascara definitely trumps that. Hush! It will be our little secret.  

don't want to study for history?? arrange pretty makeup flats (:

Every day

Make Up For Ever: Smoky Extravagant - $24

My discovery of this product was somewhat accidental. I had my eye out for a new mascara but I wasn’t looking for any particular kind others raved about. And I hit the jackpot. It gave my eyes a dramatic, carbon black pop. It’s noticeable but  not too dramatic for everyday wear. The best part about this mascara is its wand. Since it is cone shaped, I can reach the tiniest hairs close to the edges of my eyes and also cover the entirety of my lashes.


this one was the hardest to take i don't know why but it was shot at 2 in the morning


Stila: HUGE - $23

Restocking on this mascara was a chore. I took a trip to my local Sephora and it was sold out. I looked online and it was sold out. I visited numerous Sephoras in my area, and you guessed it, it was sold out. I was ready to settle for a different mascara but my prayers were heard and I finally got my hands on these bad boys. It was actually in an event called “Rent the Runway” with a Birchbox shop inside. I was just rummaging through the products they had to offer and low and behold, I found it! My hunt for beautiful lashes was over. This mascara lengthens my lashes to the milky way and back, it coats each lash evenly, and keeps them separated. My lashes look bold, daring, and somehow curled. I love curled lashes, own a lash curler, yet i have never used it in my lifetime. This mascara takes the chore out of that.


There you go lovelies! These are all the mascaras I’m in love with. I hope you try them and love them as much as I do. Feel free to let me know the products you are loving so I can try them out.

i  just took this picture and I'm already regretting  putting it up in this post. But its my natural lashes

Btw guys!!!!

Update: Jens Review did whole comprehensive and detailed guide on 50 makeup tips! all amazing practical tips! a big yesss for convenience(:

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