5 ingredients for the perfect shower

Song: K Goognight by Tim Subyand Jessie Reyes

Cover Photo by Cxico Photography  

Showers were not always my favorite activity to do when I was younger. Why would I want to take a shower when I could be watching another Disney princess movie? ya feel? 
But I slowly started liking them, so here are some products that I use frequently in my shower times. 

1.    Maple Holics Tree Oil Shampoo
I got sent this product few weeks and I am so utterly impressed. I will admit I was hesitant by its packaging, I thought that it would work poorly and was not eager to try it out. BUT OMG.this.shampoo.is.amazing. it makes your hair so shiny and soft for multiple days. Your hair will feel healthy and just gorgeous, due to the amazing tea tree that is part of the mixture. Check out here for their free samples program that gives their audience the opportunity to try out the products at no cost, all while learning about an all natural, cruelty free company based in the U.S.



2.    Moroccan oil Conditioner
Holy Grail right here! You heard this beauty brand being talked about in the previous post, so its here again to show some emphasis on how crucial their product is. Will simply make your hair look like you just walked out of a salon after rinsed out, It makes my hair dramatically and instantly silky smooth. 


3.    Aesop Geranium Leaf Body Cleanser
Having a good body cleanser is priority numero uno amigos. Especially when it leaves that body smooth, soft and clean. I have been using this for a couple weeks and I've been very pleased. Also a little goes a long way, which is great because due to this price it better last for good year and find the cure for cancer. 

4.    Glossier Milky face wash
I would have never known about this product if it wasn’t for my most beloved cousin(: I started using this around this time last year and I have not turned back since. When it states “milky” in the title, it withholds that description tightly. I like to cleanse my face at the end of every night as well when  I take a shower for a consistent fresh face. 

5.    Eos Tropical Fruit Deep Moisturizing Shave Cream
Now im not the biggest fan of shaving cream because I believe the job can be done with body wash*.  But sometimes when I want to spoil myself I use shaving cream and this one is the best and you know it has done the job right when your dog is suaving himself with your legs haha.

*did you know I didn’t about body wash until this summer, yeah I have been using soap bars my whole life.