Top 5 Hair Oils

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Hair oils haven’t always been a staple in my collection of hair products, due to my scalp being more on the oily side. As I’ve started to transition more into haircare throughout the course of the last year, oils became one of my favorite investments. So I decided to talk a little about my top five choices for oils that keep your hair luscious and stunning.

5. Kerastase Elixir Ultime Original Oil

This little goodie was inside a gift bag I received after attending the Francais Alliance Fashion show last year. There, they only showcased French designers and packed only French products into the gift bags. It took a few months for me to try it out, and I didn’t notice much change until about three weeks later. It has become my favorite backup oil.

4. Verb Ghost Oil ($14)

I also discovered this oil in a sample form from a beauty subscription box. I fell in love with it instantly. A little of this oil goes a long way, so I’d advise not overdoing it to avoid a greasy look. Once the product meets your hair, the dryness decreases and the shine enhance your locks.


3. Oaui Hair Oil ($28)

My history with Oaui products started awhile ago with the discovery of their dry shampoo, which is still my holy grail item. When I started using their hair oil, I knew I’d like it because they have never disappointed me with their hair care products. This oil is more on the lighter side, so it serves better for touch-ups. Although I’m not a fan of scented products, the floral scent of this oil is fainter, so it doesn’t bother me much.

2. Moroccan Oil Treatment ($48)

I didn’t jump into this treatment’s bandwagon during its prime (which lasted for about three years), but I gave it a try this year and it’s wonderful! This hair oil works deep conditioning wonders and is boosted with a shine that lasts the whole day. I believe everyone should give it a try!

1. Gisou Honey Infused Hair Oil ($90)

This has the biggest bandwagon I have ever gotten into, and I’m so proud of myself for doing so because the treasure was well worth it! Part of the reason I went ahead and bought it is because it’s created by one of my favorite bloggers (Negin Mirsalehi), but also from reading the amazing reviews. It creates a remarkable change that occurs in your hair in 1 ½ weeks! It goes above the standards of a hair oil as it rebuilds, repairs and gives a healthy and natural glow to your hair. This is why it’s my number one (ask any of my coworkers and friends about how much I rave about this product)!

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