Flawless face routine for the summer

Song: My Type by Saint Motel

I wanted to share my skincare routine to get that healthy glowing skin for the summer time because let’s be honest, the sun doesn’t treat us all right most of the time.

Although I am not avid with makeup products, when it comes to skincare products, I know what I am talking about because I buy and test out too many of them. 

I wanted to focus more on makeup removal and my daily skincare routine today. After a fun night out, it is so important to get rid of all of that crud that is caked on top of your face. Your skin will thank you once you remove it properly because it can finally breathe. Also a good morning routine will feel like a cup of coffee for your skin.



1.     The Skin Proposal

Micellar Cleansing Water by Garnier

I either pour the product out into a cotton round or a soft towel and apply it all over my face. This product has no oil, alcohol, or fragrance. It is great for all of you sensitive skin girls and girls with all skin types for that matter. I personally hate a strong, fragrant smells in my skincare product. I find the lingering scent unappealing.


2.     Foaming Freshness

Fresh Foaming Cleanser by Neutrogena

This is a terrific cleanser!  After using the cleansing water, I dampen my face with a little bit of water so the product can foam up more easily on my face. It’s gentle yet an effective makeup remover. So much so that it also removes waterproof makeup. There’s also no shame in admitting that it is fun to play with the foam. 


3.     Dab, dab, dab to exfoliate

All Natural Facial Konjac Sponge by Julep

I cant stress enough how important it is exfoliate your skin. It wants it and loves it. Don’t freak out when your sponge comes in the bag wet. It is supposed to arrive that way. I use a Konjac sponge which is infused with activated charcoal. It is gentle yet it exfoliates just enough. You just need to switch it out every month but it is fairly affordable running at about $6.99 per piece. You just have to shop around for good deals. To get best results, use this product morning and night.


4.     The Final Touch

Brightening Serum + Skin Corrector

I don’t have the time to boost my skin’s health by using a mask every single day. That and I am too lazy to do it. That is why I use a light serum morning and night. The best thing about serums is that it doesn’t feel like you have anything on your face but you face will stay moisturized all day. That and you can give yourself a luxurious, mini face massage when you do this. Serums do run on the pricier side but it’s benefits outweigh the costly con.


Enjoy your glowing summer skin lovelies.