New hair. New me. Same hair products.

Life isn’t perfect, but your hair can be.


If you knew me, you would know that I got nearly invisible highlights last summer. I was scared to do anything too drastic so I went to my local ULTA and I decided to get highlights that people would hopefully notice. Most people didn’t. The dye job was ok, but it didn’t have the “pizazz” that I dearly craved. To be honest, I felt like Britney Spears in her early 2000s with my far from noticeable highlights.

me trying to pull a "snow white" moment with this bird:/

My hair has always been pin straight. Although I am Bolivian, my hair screams Asian (Shoutout to all my lovely ladies with that 24/7 beautiful hair). It’s a drag to style it because any new hairdo I try, tends to fall out in about an hour. I’ve tried many products to tackle this problem and found 5 products, which have changed the way I do my hair. As a full disclosure everyone has different hair and these products might not give you the same results but it doesn’t hurt to try.



1.      Careless chic look: I care too much to not care.

Bumble and Bumble: Don’t Blow it Hair Crème

This product is amazing! Apply it on after your hair is bit damp then twist and scrunch. You’ll get a slightly messy yet chic texture that will have heads turning. Plus, the product has a nice, refreshing smell. Since I’m a perfume girl, I don’t like products that are scented, but the light scent of this product never overpowers my perfume. The product holds the texture even in my pin straight hair. 


2.      Beachy- soft hair: Summer is here; flaunt your hair like you don’t care.

The Gnarly Whale: Beach waves

This spray is best suited with a comfy but stylish look for those laid-back days. This is another product that you have to apply straight out of the shower for best results. I apply it literally everywhere, so I can get those rocking beach-like waves. Also, it’s a cruelty free product and vegan (Yay! Save the cute animals).


3.      Cool and crisp do’: For that extra clean feel.

Batiste: Dry shampoo

Most people assume that dry shampoo is for those lazy people who use it as an excuse to not shower. That really isn’t the case. Personally, I use it for second-day hair so I can freshen up and have grease free hair. Washing you hair everyday strips it of the moisture and nourishment the body naturally produces. However, you can also use it on first day hair to give it straight, flat hair the volume and life it deserves.


4.      Strong and voluminous: Keep whipping your hair back and forth.

L’Oréal: Boost it

Whip this mousse out like Angelina Jolie does with her pistol and create a killer hairstyle. I start applying the mousse from the tip of my hair to my roots, wrapping my hair around my finger to create ever so soft waves. The body and volume I get from this product is out of this world. It’s great for those Saturday night moves where you will be flaunting your hips, in those dance moves and with this, your hair as well. Even with its control; it’s super lightweight and doesn’t have a cruddy, crunchy feeling.


5.      Real: Maybe she was born with it, or maybe it’s…

Beauty Protector: Protect and De-tangle

Although this is a leave-in conditioner, it works great when I want to enhance my natural straight hair with a sleek and shiny finish. Spray a little all over when taking a shower and come out with tangle free perfection. My favorite thing about this product is that it soothes my hair, feels weightless, and it doesn’t leave my hair greasy.


Now for the juicy part…

Since my move to New York this summer, one of my biggest tasks was to find a new hair place in the Big Apple. After looking through many places, I found a great hairstylist in the Upper East Side (*cough cough* Gossip Girl much?) named Murat. He did a wonderful job even though I made his life difficult by coming right before he closed (no I wasn’t an a-hole who just dropped by, I made an after-hour appointment). He spent 4+ hours on my hair and every minute of that was worth it. He went with a Balayage ombre look. The ombre seamlessly blends the dark and the light together and gives my straight hair some life. Thank you so much Murat! I highly recommend his salon, Val El and definitely follow him on his instagram @murattskii .  And the best part is, all of the products I mentioned still work great with my new hair.


Whether your hair is curly or straight, thick or thin, natural or dyed, there are tons of great products out there for your hair, and these were just a few. 

i mean what goes better with nice hair than ice cream?!

free coconuts also go great with nice hair!

and of course FRIES!